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Designers/Design Companies Wanted

ArtReach is a dynamic cultural development agency and charity that helps support and drive high-quality arts and heritage initiatives. The ArtReach mission is to “make great art possible and accessible, connecting art with grassroots and diverse communities to forge creative engagement”.

ArtReach delivers four key strands of work:

  1. Festival and event creation
  2. Public art commissioning
  3. Consultancy and strategic development
  4. Capital cultural project development


For examples of existing ArtReach projects visit:

ArtReach is looking for a highly motivated and dynamic designer/design company to deliver three significant brand establishment treatments and concepts. Two new UK arts festivals and one European wide 3-year programme will require design and detailed planning with multiple strands of activity required for each new project.

The selected designer/design company will need to work intensively on each project with the majority of work required in November and December 2019 with potential for further asset and print design work leading into and beyond 2020. The brands created will have significant reach across the UK and Europe.

This is a general call out to seek impressive design support and will be followed by detailed briefs for the selected designers/design companies.

To respond to this call out please send the following by email to

  • Costs of day, half-day and hourly rates.
  • A sample portfolio of your previous design work
  • 1 example of excellent customer care
  • 1 example of excellent problem solving
  • 2 references that can be contacted by email

Send responses no later than 12 noon on Thursday 24 October.