Associate Producer – Journeys Festival International

Sashwati has 15 years of music and arts events production experience, particularly in Refugee, roots & global live music, DJing, festivals & clubnights. Following her degree at SOAS, she worked with renowned BBC radio presenters Max Reinhardt and Rita Ray on their innovative music events and the Shrine afrobeat clubnights in East London. She also worked on media, press and community liaison approaches for BBC Radio 3’s Africa On Your Street website and the BBC Africa 05 season.
In 2011 Sashwati founded the Manchester based Satellite State Disko DJ collective playing music sourced from South Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Roma communities. As a musician Sashwati has played keyboards and accordion with a bands in Manchester. In the past few years she has been curating Refugee Week in London, delivering music programmes with refugees and creating collaborations with established UK artists. Sashwati joins the ArtReach team as an Associate Producer providing input into the music programme for Journeys Festival International in Manchester and Leicester, and Night of Festivals in Leicester.