ArtReach is delighted to announce that, along with its partners, it has been selected for EU co-funding (through Creative Europe) for an exciting collaborative project built around the ArtReach Night of Festivals event.

FREEDOM is a collaboration involving three formal and three key delivery partners from five different countries (UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and Denmark). The key partners are ArtReach, Haus Drei (Germany) and FabriC (Bulgaria). Working through a process of co-curation the partners will share innovative artistic practice to create three multi art form ingredients that celebrate and explore values of freedom – a night time carnival performance, a Freedom Wall installation (online and physical) and temporary art installations (The Plinth Programme) – for delivery in the UK, Germany and Bulgaria, all under the cohesive artistic umbrella of Night of Festivals.

The outcomes from the work include presentations in Leicester (October 2015) as part of the Night of Festivals Special Edition event, London (August/September 2016), Gabrovo, Bulgaria (May 2016) and Hamburg (as part of the STAMP Festival, September 2016).

ArtReach Director, David Hill, said “Both ArtReach and its partners are thrilled that our vision and delivery plans have been enthusiastically embraced by EACEA on behalf of the European Union. At a time when the values of freedom and democracy are the subject of such international debate, we need focused exploration and response from artists. Night of Festivals and its FREEDOM project offers an exceptional platform to provide this response.”


Creative Europe, Culture Sub-programme