In our professional development workshops in 2022, we offer a series of learning and business development workshops aimed at freelancers and organisations in the arts and heritage sectors looking for support in business planning, fundraising and measuring impact.


The series of workshops include:

Succeeding in the New Arts Council England Project Grants Application

30 June, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:

Get tips on how to best represent your project when applying to Arts Council England for Project Grants.

In 2021, Arts Council England launched its new strategy Let’s Create, followed by a new application form for applying for Project Grants. This workshop will help you to make sense of the new form and to plan on how you can structure a proposal that supports Let’s Create. You will learn how to write about your project under the new headings of Let’s Create’s three Outcomes and Investment Principles that are now required in order to apply for a Project Grant.

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Proving Your Impact Through a Story of Change

21 July, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:

Prove your impact by creating an effective evaluation plan for your cultural projects using an approach that is right for your organisation!

Get an overview on how to create and plan a structured and effective evaluation plan for your cultural projects. With insights on how to identify appropriate measuring tools, you can make sure your data (and other data) can help the development of your arts or heritage organisation or projects.

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Writing Your Business or Development Plan

29 September, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:

Learn more about the benefits of having a business plan for your arts or heritage organisation and how to create one that fits your needs best.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Many people are daunted by the idea of having to write a Business Plan with all that needs to be considered, especially if you’re a charity or not-for-profit. This workshop will provide you with clear, practical actions to consult on and write your strategic plan for how your business or organisation can develop.

It will lead you through all the areas you should consider when developing your plan, with tools to help you structure your thinking and create a plan that will help you grow and achieve your ambitions.

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How to Get Lottery Funding

11 October, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:

Get an overview of the three Lottery Funding bodies that are most relevant to organisations in the arts and heritage sectors.

National Lottery grants are distributed by different organisations who all have different priorities, different processes but also common interests. Researching all this information can seem like a minefield, so this workshop aims to cut through the confusion and present the main things to consider with each funder. We will discuss how to decide what to apply for and key tips to make sure you have the right things in place to give you the best chance of success. The three Lottery funders covered are: Arts Council England, National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Community Lottery Fund.

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Top Tips and Tools For Fundraising Success

30 November, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:

With this step by step guide, get ready to prepare and write your funding bids.

Fundraising can be a challenge and extremely disheartening when applications for funding are declined. It takes time to develop high-quality bids. For many, it is also about having a bit more confidence.

This online workshop is about supporting you step by step to prepare and write a range of funding bids and approaches to funders such as Lottery, Trusts and Foundations and also individual donors. The workshop will share some top tips and tools to save time, boost your confidence and increase your success.

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