I was honoured and privileged to be a part of the greatest show on earth this summer.

From the feelings of apprehension for my interview, training and collection of my uniform to the excitement of being at the Opening Ceremony technical rehearsal   and nervously arriving with the summer sunrise for my first shift, the whole experience has been permanently fixed in my mind.  I have felt the venue at it quietist and at its most energized; greeted people from all over the world and passed the time of day with hundreds of delighted faces, guided friends and families of the athletes to their seats and witnessed the highs and lows of elite performance. I have enjoyed being  with new friends from around the UK who, just like me, gave time and energy just to be a part of this great event and have gained the reward of overwhelming and unforgettable memories .

I had the belief four years ago when I registered my interest in volunteering, that this would be a never to be repeated opportunity and the experience of a life-time and I was neither disillusioned nor disappointed. Recollections of my Olympic Games Maker journey will always fill me with great pride for what we all achieved, and with a huge internal smile; I was there; I helped make it happen!

Joy Tracy

Project and Administration Manager