Journeys Festival International Producer Charlotte Mountford tell us a bit more about herself, in a new series that let’s you get to know the ArtReach team.

Highlights & Lowlights of 2016

Oh so many lows… Let’s focus on the highs!

I know it’s not over yet but my top 5 shows of 2016 include 32 rue Vandenbranden by Belgian dance company Peeping Tom, The Midnight Soup by Leo Burtin, Quarantine’s Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring (I did the whole quartet in a day!), The Solid Life of Sugar Water by Graeae and of course, Burning Doors by Belarus Free Theatre, presented as part of Journeys Festival International 2016.

Sum yourself up in three words…

I recently got labelled ‘Hilarious, vivacious, small’. I’ll take that… and I’m a proud Mancunian!

What do you do at ArtReach?

I am Producer at ArtReach and my main focus is leading on Journeys Festival International in Manchester and Portsmouth. I also look after Leicester Arts Festival’s Volunteer Programme and support Night of Festivals. My specialism is theatre so I’m always on the lookout for interesting performances for the festivals!

Why did you want to be part of the ArtReach team?

I’d been an independent producer for four years in the North West creating festivals and working with some great artists and was looking for the next leap in my career. When I saw the role with ArtReach that featured Journeys Festival International so heavily I was really excited as it combined my interest in social and humanitarian issues with high quality arts production.  I truly believe in the festival model as a valuable platform for artists, audiences, supporters and venues; encouraging collaboration and cross-pollination. Journeys Festival International invites the idea of local cultural partners and community groups exploring ideas alongside an ongoing dialogue with an audience.

Ultimately, ArtReach’s interest in artistic innovation and creative artist and community engagement sits within my huge desire to diversify the people utilising and working in the arts in the UK. This aligns totally with ArtReach’s vision not just for Journeys International Festival but across the organisation as a whole

Your favourite thing to do…

I do love going to the theatre and live performance a lot! But outside of that, one of my favourite things to do is walking on the North Wales coast, with the dog and some good company and stopping for a pint half way.


Best thing about Leicester!

Peter’s Pizzeria is by far the best thing about Leicester

Plans for the future…

Delivering more great Journeys Festival International‘s until 2018 and beyond! And learning French …. Fin!