ArtReach Marketing and Communications Manager, Emily Ann Harris tell us a bit more about herself, in the second instalment of ‘Get to know ArtReach.’

Sum yourself up in three words…

I asked my friends who, amongst many insults, came up with ‘Positive, determined and hungry.’  They related hungry to my constant need for food rather than my desire for success!

What do you do at ArtReach?

I smash a lot of things (mugs, cafetiere) in the office. I also, hopefully, make sure the ArtReach work and reputation is known of widely in the arts world. As well as ArtReach, I do the marketing and communications for Journeys Festival International and Night of Festivals, which all keeps me happily busy.

Why did you want to be part of the ArtReach team?

I have always been interested in making art accessible to people. So many of my friends and family think of art as a perfect painting hung in a white-walled gallery space that has an interpretation too complicated for them to understand. I set up Art Baby as an alternative exhibiting platform in my home town of Northampton, to offer a more approachable interaction with art than through stuffy institutions. This then developed to an international project in Nepal that saw Art Baby developing arts education where there wasn’t any, making it accessible to the children of Kalika School, in partnership with Nepal Schools Trust.  I’m learning lots at ArtReach and I’m happy to be promoting ArtReach’s work, increasing the possible outreach of art to diverse and grass roots communities.

Your favourite thing to do…

I really enjoy annoying Helen, so I’ll miss her when she leaves ArtReach in March. I enjoy painting as I hold a studio at Two Queens, designing my dream house and dreaming of the Abstract Expressionist art to put in it. My favourite thing in the world is to be hedge hopping across the English countryside on a horse!

Who’s your hero?

Grayson Perry. He is unapologetically charismatic and is a contemporary artist at the forefront of engaging a general public audience. His new artwork asks Leave and Remain voters to give their opinions to make them into opposing pots – an innovative way of engaging people with art and politics!

Best thing about Leicester!

Peter Pizzeria or Kayal – it’s a close call.

Plans for the future…

I’m looking forward to being part of the Journeys Festival International and Night of Festival developments which will become ever more important in these pertinent times. It’s also my 25th birthday (18th February for those that wish to shower me with gifts) and at some point in the future I’ll be off to be a cowgirl!