ArtReach introduces Sam Javid,  Producer of Night of Festivals, in the latest instalment of ‘Get to Know ArtReach’.

Sum yourself up in three words…
Sometimes too excitable

What do you do at ArtReach?
At the moment I look after one of ArtReach’s flagship events – Night of Festivals. The festival is a celebration of freedom and democracy and each time we stage the event we use the artistic programme to highlight current or historical ‘wins’ on that theme.

Going forward I’ll be leading on an exciting European project… but more on that later…

Why did you want to be part of the ArtReach team?
I’ve worked for ArtReach before; straight after university. I learnt lots, had lots of fun and was supported in realising a lot of my (sometimes wacky) ideas. So when the opportunity came to re-join the team, I took it.

Your favourite thing to do…
Walk around in the sunshine (it’s the first sunny day of 2018 as I’m writing this so that may have influenced my answer).

Who’s your hero?
That guy from the Headspace app.

Best thing about Leicester?
You can constantly describe it as ‘up and coming’.

Plans for the future…
Get a hair cut