ArtReach introduces Oli Page, Assistant Producer at ArtReach, in the latest instalment of ‘Get to Know ArtReach.’ 

Sum yourself up in three words…

Next question please!

What do you do at ArtReach?

I work as an Assistant Producer in the Leicester office and my focus this year has been on Journeys Festival International and its live music stage.

Now that my remit is wider, I will also be working on a variety of additional ArtReach projects including Corby Mardi Gras, Night of Festivals and Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture Association’s Art in the Park.

Why did you want to be part of the ArtReach team?

I love the remit of our festivals and what ArtReach is trying to achieve. Having worked with the team previously as a volunteer and on a freelance basis, I knew it would be a brilliant atmosphere filled with wonderful, friendly people.

Your favourite thing to do…

A tough choice between football and film! I love going to the cinema having studied Film at undergraduate level and spend a lot of free time watching as many films as I can. But I am a massive football fan and support my local Foxes! It’s never dull being a Leicester fan and we’ve been on such a rollercoaster in the last few years.

Who’s your hero?

I don’t think I have a particular hero, but I am inspired by some wonderful friends and colleagues who are trying to make the future a much brighter place in so many different ways.

Best thing about Leicester?

Leicester’s multiculturalism means that there’s some incredibly diverse people, activity and food in the city especially down Narborough Road. And for my film fix, I would say the Phoenix cinema!

Plans for the future…

Oh no… don’t put me on the spot! Anything is possible, but I would love to keep producing and programming events as well as doing more travelling to keep broadening my horizons.