ArtReach has recently completed an important round of consultation, through public presentations, to share the draft Arts and Heritage (Cultural Economy) Strategy for Thurrock.

Joining-Up Thurrock is a Ten-Year Strategy and Plan that is intended for wide ownership amongst arts, heritage and cultural organisations in Thurrock.  It has been an exciting six months for ArtReach working on the Strategy development, and meeting many of the arts and heritage partners and stakeholders that are creating a wealth of developmental initiatives in Thurrock.

The Strategy is now with the Council for formal approval of the final version. Key ingredients include – building a stronger and more cohesive sense of partnership working, especially to support marketing and communications (Joining-Up Thurrock); promoting a special Year of Culture in Thurrock in 2020; establishing key funder support to build local fundraising capacity; and developing an independent Arts and Heritage Trust to manage the Borough’s theatre, museum and heritage sites. These initiatives will create better access to the arts and heritage “jewels” in the Borough and will “sprinkle new stardust” to generate and stimulate new activities and opportunities that benefit all Thurrock residents across age and cultural boundaries.

We look forward to seeing successful implementation of the Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan over the next few years!