Journeys Festival International has achieved accreditation with EFFE, Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe a European festival community, supported by the European Festivals Association.

EFFE is a network for European arts festivals that supports activity through visibility and exchanges – a way to guarantee that each festival is aware of the most exciting and innovative work across the industry.

As well as offering this European network, EFFE has a quality label initiative that is given to festivals with an artistic commitment, involvement in their local communities and a European and global outlook. National experts assess applications to see if they fit within the three criteria, which are then passed on to an international jury to accredit those that are the most adventurous and exciting festivals.

For Journeys Festival International, the EFFE award enhances our European networks and our ability to enable dialogue between local community groups and frontline charities with other similarly minded organisations and festivals across Europe – matching local interests with international ambition.

Journeys Festival International received the following feedback from the International Jury and Hub Experts:

“While still growing, this is an ambitious and unusual festival that has engaged with some major partners and important organisations to give it a unique vision and its funding successes have all been based on national and international collaboration, which indicate the scale of its creativity and tenaciousness.”

Check out the full EFFE Festival Calendar – live on 4th May.