For 2017 Journeys Festival International has developed a European element to deliver events and exhibitions with partner organisations in four European cities.

Partners include Explora (Museo Dei Bambini) in Rome, CESIE in Palermo, Altonale Festival in Hamburg and an associate partner of Trafo in Budapest.

Throughout 2017, all organisations involved in the JOURNEYS European project will present Look Up, an outdoor, large scale exhibition that connects a refugee artist or refugee stories to the public realm through high impact visual arts. Journeys Festival International knows the power of sharing stories and allowing experiences to travel across borders and geographical distances to promote international cultural collaboration.

Artist Sibomana previewing his artworks for Look Up in Rome.


Hosted by a representative from each partner organisation,  online tours will be streamed from Facebook, sharing the artworks in the four cities to our international audiences. The tours will last approximately 30-45 minutes and feature exclusive artist interviews.

To watch, tune into the Facebook account of the host organisation at the date and time stated below. Look Up and celebrate refugee stories.


Explora in Rome, Italy: Friday 21st April – 10.30AM UK / 12.30PMCEST

Altonale in Hamburg, Germany: Sunday 18th June – 10AM UK / 12PM CEST

CESIE in Palermo, Italy: Date/Time TBC

Journeys Festival International in Leicester, UK: Saturday 19th August – 10AM UK / 12PM CEST

Click the links above to take you to the Facebook pages of each host venue.

Part of Journeys Festival International – celebrating the artistic talents of refugee artists and sharing refugee experiences through great art and culture. JOURNEYS is supported by the European Union through Creative Europe