On Friday and Saturday (30/31 May) Night of Festivals, full of colour, inspiration and artistry (not to mention some talented local participants and performers), made a stop off in Slough with over 10,000 each day enjoying and interacting with the events.

The days were packed full of live music, storytelling, moving image, visual art and carnival interventions, with the High St and Town Square chock full of local people enjoying the carnival atmosphere (and the lack of rain!).

Many people attended both days, drawn by the carnival interventions from Mandinga Arts and Paraiso Samba, but which also featured young talent from SWIPE, the Creative Academy, Ryvers and Parlaunt Schools. The diversity of the audience was particularly noticeable with Night of Festivals succeeding in drawing in, and drawing together, people from many different cultures.

The event clearly touched a chord with thousands recording images of the carnival and taking the risk of trying new artistic experiences, including the delightful sound of Sura Susso and his Kora. People took to their seats in the Performance Dome not quite knowing what to make of this large instrument Sura had placed in front of him, but once the beautiful sounds of the Kora started to ring out, the audience was mesmerized by 45 minutes of intriguing music. We can’t wait for Night of Festivals Leicester (16/17 August).