Project Description

In conjunction with Strange Cargo ArtReach devised and delivered a major Symposium event as part of Folkestone Triennial 2011.

In summer 2011 ArtReach worked with Strange Cargo ( ) to develop and deliver a major international Symposium: Stretching New Boundaries, Participation in Visual Arts presented in Folkestone as part of the Triennial programme. Chaired by Dr Jonathan Vickery (Associate Professor at the University of Warwick) the event engaged key artist/curator/practitioner speakers including Angus Farquhar (Creative Director, NVA), Jochen Gerz, Andrea Schlieker (Curator, Folkestone Triennial), Assocreation, boredomresearch, FrenchMottershead and Mirjam Struppek. The Symposium was attended by 175 delegates from across the UK and Europe and may be repeated in association with the University of the Creative Arts in 2012.