ArtReach makes great art possible and accessible, connecting art with grass roots and diverse communities to forge creative engagement

Invitation to Tender: Website Development and Rebrand

June 15th, 2021|Comments Off on Invitation to Tender: Website Development and Rebrand

ArtReach have two tenders available for Website Development and a Rebrand process as part of our digital development and future business plans.

ArtReach History

For a brief overview of ArtReach’s history please visit this page:

Our Vision and Mission

The ArtReach Vision and Mission has evolved and been refined over 21 years of development and encompasses the organisation’s main areas of activities, which are:

  1. Festival development and delivery, and commissioning (both as Creative Producer of Journeys Festival International and Liberty UK, and in support of other arts and cultural organisations and programmes).
  2. Consultancy to support partnerships, organisations and artists/practitioners operating in the arts/cultural sector
  3. Public art commissioning, in partnership with local authorities and other community and statutory organisations seeking to animate public spaces


ArtReach aims to be an international leader in producing extraordinary art that reaches and captures the imagination and engagement of everyone.


ArtReach makes great art possible and accessible, connecting art with grass roots and diverse communities to forge creative engagement.

What we do

ArtReach is a creative cultural development charity operating across the UK and internationally to initiate, drive and support innovative and accessible arts projects that engage all communities with artistic excellence.

ArtReach supports and delivers large-scale ambitious projects as well as grassroots community development programmes. It has a strong reputation for work with culturally diverse communities and diverse arts practitioners/organisations, and excels in partnership working. You can read more details about each adn download each tender below.

ArtReach has a particular focus on supporting refugee and asylum seeker artists, and sharing the experience of refugees through great art. The organisation is committed to development and delivery of activity in Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth and to specific communities of kind e.g. refugees and asylum seekers.

ArtReach has a track record of successful commitment to the development and delivery of high quality, innovative arts programmes and projects that pioneer new ways of working; that stretch artistic boundaries; and that encourage audience development, forging new ways of community and individual engagement. 

ArtReach supports and helps drive innovative, creative arts projects to succeed.

Please note, our preference is to contract both tenders with one company.


ArtReach: Website development: invitation to tender

ArtReach is seeking to appoint a web company to rebuild our websites.

Website development

ArtReach has recently commissioned digital marketing agency Breathe to research and recommend improvements to our digital presence and development alongsides our digital programme and engagement. As a result of this analysis, we now wish to appoint a web developer to improve our website as a key part of our marketing and communications.


ArtReach currently runs 3 websites:, and We wish to refine these websites (keeping as our main/parent website) to improve our digital presence and engagement. This tender will work alongside a rebranding of ArtReach and its subsidiary brands. We expect this contract to:

  • Replicate / transfer and improve all our websites onto one operations system
  • Improve user journey and entry points
  • Integrate pathways from ArtReach to each sub brand site
  • Improved and integrated google analytics or google data dashboard across all platforms
  • Improve UXP across all sites
  • All sites to be brought up to latest accessibility requirements
  • Creating a legacy area for digital archive
  • Creating an access area for all relevant event based access details
  • Integrate streaming and media software into each site for webinars, workshops and performance films
  • Create multi user log in system with hierarchical access
  • Optimize all sites for mobile access
  • Create a series of flexible templates for pages (with specific reference to event pages)
  • Define new navigation and menu systems up to date with latest best practise

About you

Your company will be expert in web development, with particular experience in working in the cultural sector. You will have excellent knowledge of the arts sector, and be happy to collaborate with staff teams.

Budget and timescale

The indicative budget for this work is between £7,000-£10,000.

We would like to be able to launch our new website(s) in Spring 2022.

See how to apply at the bottom of this webpage or in this document. Website Tender (ArtReach)


ArtReach: Rebrand: invitation to tender

ArtReach is seeking to appoint a design company to refresh and refine our brand.


We need a new brand to help us stand out from the crowd and enable us to consolidate our existing audiences and attract new ones. Our new brand should:

  • Create a refreshed brand which provides clarity about who we are and what we do
  • Support us in refining our vision, values, mission and key messaging, and clearly articulating our offer to existing and potential external partners and audiences
  • Be coherent across our business and individual festival websites; creating a visual family of brands
  • Develop our persona; our tone of voice and personality, bringing our activities, events and festivals alive
  • Strengthen our aesthetic and presence

We want a brand that is distinct and enables us to deepen and extend our engagement and presence. A brand which resonates with our key stakeholders and partners; with artists and with audiences. We want to be current and contemporary, and present a consistent public face.

What we need

We are looking for a brand identity which will work across all the ArtReach elements: websites (currently, and, in print (programmes, leaflets), on social media platforms, site decor at events and for business usage (business cards, headed paper, reports etc.). This will include:

  • Rebranding of ArtReach with acknowledgement and adaption to suit existing (mild) brand elements of JFI/LIBS UK
  • Creation of overarching and sub brand guidelines including tone of voice and taglines
  • Create a raft of new design and digital assets for ArtReach and each sub-brand
  • Create new ArtReach and sub brand logos, colour pallet, typography

About you

Your company will be expert in rebranding, with particular experience in working in the cultural sector. You will have excellent knowledge of the arts sector, and be happy to collaborate with staff teams.

Budget and timescale

The indicative budget for this work is between £5,000-£8,000.

We would like to be able to launch our new brand in Spring 2022.

See how to apply at the bottom of this webpage or in this document. Rebrand Tender (ArtReach)


ArtReach Tenders: How to Apply

Please note, our preference is to contract both tenders with one company.

To apply

To apply for these opportunities, please send:

  • A company CV
  • A portfolio of relevant work
  • A draft budget

Please submit these by midday on Friday 25 June 2021 to

We will make a decision based on your submission and expect to inform all applicants of the outcome by 30 June.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Refugee Week 14 – 20 June 2021

June 14th, 2021|Comments Off on Refugee Week 14 – 20 June 2021

Journeys Festival International celebrates Refugee Week 2021 with a great variety of exciting events from 14 – 20 June, accompanied by the theme of unity and solidarity ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’ – coming from Martin Luther King’s historic ‘I have a dream’ speech. Refugee Week is an invitation for everyone to extend their hand to someone new – in a bold, collective act of reaching out; in a space for everyone to listen, to exchange and to connect; in order to find out what each one of us can learn from others and what we can build together.

This year’s programme brings to you a wide spectrum of events including multi-media art programmes, community projects, book launches and film presentations:

Starting the festival with extraordinary musical highlights on 13 June is Journeys Live at HOME in Manchester. Exploring musical traditions and fusion styles, musical artists from East Africa and Syria showcase their art in this live outdoor event as part of Horizons Festival 2021 by HOME. You can enjoy the sounds of DJ Chande, Dilzat Turdi, Young Amani, Rihab Azar, Zee Guveya and the Heritage Survival Band and more to follow.

With Global Kitchen, the beloved community project in partnership with Soft Touch Arts and volunteer chefs led by Linton Magume is part of Refugee Week again! Global Kitchen unites people through food: With the first ever recipe book available in shops and launched at a small event for participants and partners on 15 June. The recipe book features dishes shared by members of the local community from their home nations, allowing you to recreate a truly global menu.

This year again, Refugee Week offers a great variety of digital events for the duration of the entire festival (14 – 20 June), accessible from all over the world! Presenting the ‘book of ideas’ by sanctuary seekers at Words of Welcome, showcasing a selection of contemporary short films at Journeys into Film and introducing an amazing multi-media experience with Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises:

In the brand new Words of Welcome project, Manchester City of Sanctuary members created a book in collaboration with ArtReach and SBC Theatre. During lockdown, sanctuary seekers were helped to develop their own storytelling in a series of creative workshops whilst improving their English skills. In the ‘book of ideas’, which you can download from the website, now they present these stories in their own words with beautiful illustrations!

Journeys into Film showcases an extraordinary selection of contemporary short films that look into collective experiences of displacement – focusing on the stories of the sounds, languages, histories and memories, which shape our relationship to space and identity. Journeys Festival International wants to specifically thank Film Hub North and Film Hub Midlands for the amazing support! Book your free tickets for Journeys into Film from 14 June onwards on the website, to view the series of short films at a time of your choice throughout Refugee Week.

The multi-media project Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises offers an exciting interactive experience – taking place in specially selected locations across the UK – introducing different stories from around the globe whilst allowing a glimpse into the memories of each writer. Illustrated posters in each location allow QR code access to the audio stories written by Phosphoros Theatre, illustrated by Pickle Illustration and accompanied by musical compositions of Mira Siegel.

On 18 June, Journeys Festival International introduces Reckoning – a multimedia short film, created in collaboration with European artists, telling the stories of generations of displaced people in their own words. To celebrate Refugee Week 2021, the team will be sharing a teaser trailer for this forthcoming short film. For Journeys Festival International main festival of 2021 (15 – 25 October), the work will be developed further into a live show.


The Other Side of Hope is a UK-based literary magazine edited by refugees and immigrants, offering journeys into refugee and immigrant literature. They exist to serve – via words – the refugee and immigrant communities worldwide. For Refugee Week 2021, The Other Side of Hope is open to submissions until 31 July 2021!

With this extraordinary programme the festival team invite you to visit, engage and participate in the events and activities of Refugee Week 2021 in order to share the message of unity and solidarity as ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’!

Find more information on each of the events on and visit Refugee Week 2021

Seeking training partner to deliver Digital CPD for ArtReach

May 24th, 2021|Comments Off on Seeking training partner to deliver Digital CPD for ArtReach

ArtReach have two opportunities available for a training partner(s) to deliver digital CPD for the team. Across the ArtReach family of festivals and activities we aim to increase our skill set and depth of team experience for digital content presentation and production. The aim is that all of the training will be relevant for our team’s with particular reference to content for Journeys Festival International, Liberty UK Festival, Liberty EU and AAA programmes.

Tender 1: Content Capture and production skills. (Mobile camera skills, Gimbal operation, interview set-ups, understanding sound and light quality, basic Adobe editing skills, training in OBS and two streaming platforms and accessibility in online presentation) (£1500-£2500 exclusive of VAT)

Tender 2: Presentation and hosting skills (presentation to screen, webinar hosts, hosting Q&A’s, good presenter techniques, media training for when staff are interviewees) (up to £700 exclusive of VAT).

Context to these opportunities:

The pandemic’s impact on the arts sector has been substantial and profound. ArtReach – like many organisations – are taking the opportunity to review its strategy, approach and resources to engage audiences in new and innovative ways. Thanks to a successful application to the Arts Council England Cultural Recovery Fund we now have the resource to commission a bespoke training programme to increase digital skills and capabilities for the team.

ArtReach is looking to commission one or two organisations to offer a rounded digital training package, predominantly, on content capture and production skills alongside presentation and hosting skills.

The organisation(s) will support ArtReach to gain the skills needed to deliver more digital arts events for 2021 and beyond.

ArtReach welcomes proposals from an agency or an individual to deliver this work and responses can cover one or both tender opportunities. You will have experience of delivering digital production and presentation training for arts/cultural organisations, have extensive knowledge and experience of working in the cultural sector and with working in or with small teams to best utilise limited capacity and budgets.

What we need:

ArtReach wants to work with a training provider(s) to deliver a practical training programme to improve the production and presentation skills of our small team. We aim to gain knowledge and a firm understanding of contemporary digital work and how best to produce and present cultural content for an online audience, which is accessible and engaging. Ultimately, we want our approaches to increase the quality of engagement and consist of new initiatives that engage audiences with our work.

The provider(s), with the support of the ArtReach Senior Management Team and the wider team, will produce a manageable training schedule (which can include both online and in person training sessions) with a clear route map and a series of learning opportunities to be provided in order to develop the organisation’s digital presence, its staff knowledge base, programme content development and delivery.

Key deliverables:

The two tender opportunities available have distinct activities and requirements to help ArtReach take action and achieve most impact from this work. Below, the key activities we would expect from this work have been itemised. The proposals should feature a balance of online and practical, workshop based training opportunities.  

Tender 1: Content Capture and production skills.

Key activities:

  • Practical training for (mobile) camera techniques and content capture.
  • In depth understanding of sound quality and working with microphones for interview and broadcasts.
  • Production training for best quality indoor and outdoor interview capture.
  • Light touch training in OBS software and in depth practical training for use of two key streaming platforms.
  • Introduction training to Adobe cloud software for video and audio editing.
  • Guidance and best practise tips for recording and producing digitally and physically accessible content.


Tender 2: Presentation and hosting skills

Key activities:

  • Media training for staff as recipients of interviews with particular reference to Radio interviews, Q&A panel appearances, press interviews, etc.
  • Training for staff as interviewers, good interview techniques, getting more from your questions, how to fill a void and move challenging content forwards, how to deal with difficult audience or panel members.
  • Presenting to screen techniques, good practice for on camera hosting, Q&A’s, webinar hosting, clarity of delivery and confidence of delivery.



We wish to appoint the person(s) or organisation(s) to commence delivery of this work on 16 June 2021. This work should be fully scheduled by 30 June 2021.

Project Management:

The project will be delivered in coordination with the ArtReach Marketing and Communications Manager, Gary Cicinskas and General Manager, Lynn Simmonds.


We anticipate spending in the region of £1,500 – £2,500 +VAT on the Content Capture and Production Skills Training and £350 – £700 + VAT on the Presentation and Hosting Skills Training.

Organisations and individuals are welcome to apply to deliver both sets of training and for a combined training approach we anticipate spending in the region of £1,500 – £3,000.

Expenses for the production of digital training materials, travel and subsistence to Leicester (where any in person delivery should ideally take place) should be included in the costs from the applicant. ArtReach will cover the cost of room hire (in Leicester), refreshments, the printing of materials, postage, etc.

How to apply:

To apply, please prepare a response that includes:

  • confirmation of which brief(s) you are responding to
  • A CV or Portfolio showing your previous relevant experience, qualifications, skills and two references.
  • A 2-4 page document highlighting why your experience means you are suitable for carrying out this work and how you would carry out this work (indicating key contact points, an indicative timeline and methodology)
  • In addition, you may also testimonials from previous projects if you feel they will be relevant to your application.

Responses should be emailed to by 1:00pm Thursday 10 June.

If you are shortlisted, you will be asked to attend an online interview where you can expand upon your proposal and give a presentation to ArtReach.

Interviews: 14 June

If you have any queries once you’ve read this information please email the Marketing and Communications Manager, Gary Cicinskas, at Phone calls only if essential please.


UK and Europe Work in Unison to bring Cultural Artists Together

May 6th, 2021|Comments Off on UK and Europe Work in Unison to bring Cultural Artists Together

ArtReach, in Leicester, has launched a new project-based website specifically to promote UK and European talented artists under the age of 30.

The team at ArtReach makes great art possible and accessible for all by connecting art with grassroots and diverse communities to forge creative engagement. 

LIBERTY EU, the new art-based project brings together 12 cultural partners across 10 countries to showcase a pool of 750 young artists to young audiences across Europe.

The website,, which is part of LIBERTY EU, will enable artists and cultural professionals to work together until the end of 2022, commissioning at least 75 new works. The work these artists create will be presented at free access events across Europe.

With everything that has been taking place across Europe recently including; Brexit, protests and rioting, the pandemic, plus countries arguing other over the vaccine, ArtReach and partners are pleased to announce that the LIBERTY EU events will go ahead as planned, and relationships between the UK and its European partners have never been better in the arts world.

Lorna Fulton, Creative Director of ArtReach® said: “ArtReach® is delighted that our successful track record of artistic leadership with European partners will be enhanced with the major project LIBERTY. It is brilliant for both the UK and Europe, especially as we’re fully supported by Creative Europe and Arts Council England. The new LIBERTY website will showcase all the raw talent in the field of art across Europe that we are craving to see right now in these tough times.

If you are therefore interested in art in all its forms, the LIBERTY project will be highlighting six strands of art, including; Inside Out Performance, Processional Theatre, Liberty Art, Outdoor Digital Art, Educational Workshops, and Seminars.

To find out more, visit

LIBERTY UK: Planning for the Leicester Festival’s Return

April 22nd, 2021|Comments Off on LIBERTY UK: Planning for the Leicester Festival’s Return

In this blog post, producer Beth shares updates on ArtReach’s upcoming LIBERTY UK Festival while discussing some of the challenges of working with European partners remotely.

Liberty UK is a pop-up outdoor arts festival, which will take place in Leicester this July and August. This year, the festival will expand to encompass an exhibition series that will be installed across Leicester City Centre, as well as the traditional weekend festival format. Our exhibitions will take over toilets in the public realm and giant posters displayed on buildings will create the effect of a giant fly poster campaign.

Produced by ArtReach, the festival will be a culmination and celebration of some amazing work that will xtake place in the heart of our local communities that will inspire and demonstrate our power as individuals and collectively, to create a future that we want and can be proud of.

We are delighted to present some brand new commissions as well as work that will be created by participants of our training programme for young activists called Liberty Changemakers, which is a first of its kind for ArtReach. We invite audiences to explore Leicester and search out artwork in some rather unusual places, that will show them the city in a new light and tell powerful stories about and from some of their neighbours.

The work in toilets is part of a much bigger series of work and commissioning that is taking place across Europe in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria. Accessible Art for All is a Creative Europe funded project that aims to share positive messages about tolerance and solidarity and to create a vision for a more unified society. Despite original plans to meet face to face for this project, we’ve grappled with our varying time zones and settled into Google Hangouts for all of our partner meetings. It’s not quite the same as voyaging across to Rome and Hamburg but we’ve made it work.

Time zones have been the least of our concerns though, as like many of our colleagues, we tentatively approach our festival dates in the hopes that this time we’ll be able to go ahead. Some of us are already on our second or third sets of dates for our exhibitions but we’ve kept our chins up with unwavering hope and support for each other. The message of this exhibition is really important to all of us and one that we are really excited to share with you. We’re excited to be working with a selection of talented artists and look forward to sharing more information about them soon.

For the Liberty Changemakers project, Laura Frances De Moxom will team up with Nonhlanhla Makuyana, Sophie Yates Lu and Suzanne Stellard to deliver our bespoke programme for young activists aged 13 – 25. They will teach them how to create their own powerful social action campaigns and the important place that art has and can play in creating meaningful social change. During the programme, they will explore issues close to their hearts and communities, the key mechanics of putting together a sturdy social action campaign and how to harness the power of the sun and the art of cyanotype printing to create their own poster art, which will form our giant flyposter campaign.

So far, we have been really fortunate to have the support of the Safer Communities Partnership and the YES project in Leicester. They have provided invaluable support and guidance for how we can work together with some of our most marginalised communities.

Working with our partners across Europe is both inspiring and exciting. Seeing how each exhibition grows and develops has been fascinating and our regular catch-ups have been a wonderful space for us to get to know each other. These relationships, particularly locally, are going to be important for us moving forward as we work to build more opportunities for young people to take part in Liberty Festival and use our platform as a critical platform for sharing their stories.

More of the programme will be released across the Spring and Summer along with dates for the Festival, so stay tuned as we unveil more of our plans over the coming months.

Our wonderful Accessible Art for All partners are as follows:

Explora, Rome

Explora, the children’s Museum of Rome, is a private, permanent children’s museum specialising in interactive and hands-on experiences, educational and entertainment activities for children aged 0-12, schools and families.

Altonale, Hamburg

altonale Inc. is a non-profit cultural organisation aiming at making the local and international diversity in Altona visible, at encouraging mutual acceptance and developing sustainable and open networks for art and culture.

Kristianstad Regional Museum, Kristianstad

The Regional Museum Skåne is for every resident and visitor in the region. They preserve, nurture and develop everyone’s common cultural heritage. Choose from places to visit, exhibitions, art experiences, film, interesting guests and creative activities. They always have something going on for all ages! Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, transgender identity, ethnicity, religion, functional variation, sexual orientation and age.

Muzeiko, Sofia

Muzeiko was created and built on the initiative of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, which has invested $20 million in the project.
Everything in Muzeiko’s home has been thought out down to the last detail – from the specialized architecture, through energy efficiency, to the space for interactive exhibits, each of which piques children’s curiosity about science, engineering, ecology, communication and the arts.

Where There Is Light 2021

April 14th, 2021|Comments Off on Where There Is Light 2021

Tour Shares Stories of Sanctuary Seekers to Reunite Us After Isolation

Led by arts collective Squidsoup and ArtReach, Where There Is Light is an immersive sound and light installation sharing the voices and stories of sanctuary seeking communities from across the country, which will travel across the UK in 2021 to bring people together and encourage a sense of connection and hope.

Thanks to the involvement of artist Sameena Khan, Audio Producer Dimple Patel, Music Works and Composer Julian Bayliss, this artwork provides a truly poignant sensory experience exploring themes of light.

Since the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, we hope to start to rebuild, reconnect and transform how communities connect in a time of isolation and loneliness. 

With funding from Arts Council England, and partnerships with Freedom Festival, Coventry City of Culture, Halton Borough of Culture, Journeys Festival International and Timber Festival, Where There is Light offers a beautiful moment, a break in people’s day-to-day lives with a space to look outside of themselves.

The artwork will tour across the UK in 2021 and partnerships with organisations like Hull’s Freedom Festival and Coventry City of Culture are excellent opportunities for the work to reach and uplift new audiences. 


The former is a festival born from Hull’s association with the abolitionist movement, themes of empowerment, activism and the potential of community and the latter will be a momentous occasion in the cultural calendar as the Midlands city celebrates culture and communities in 2021. Indeed, 2021 also marks the first year Halton has hosted the Borough of Culture in an effort to increase participation in high quality arts activity, helping more people benefit from the vital role culture can play in improving health and wellbeing, uniting communities, inspiring creativity and supporting learning.

The work will also tour to Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth as part of Journeys Festival International.  

This is particularly exciting as ArtReach has been working in partnership with Squidsoup to develop and lead the outreach activity. From an outreach framework developed and led by Sameena Khan, a Leicester based practitioner trained in play therapy, ArtReach worked with community groups and charities in Leicester, Coventry, Hull and Portsmouth to connect with sanctuary seekers from all four cities and explore the theme of light.

Leicester’s creative workshops were led by Alexandros Plasatis, a local writer and ethnographer while writer and artist, Laura Nyahuye led sessions with the Coventry group. Practitioner and filmmaker Peter Snelling led workshops in Hull and in Portsmouth, textile artist Maria Tarn delivered textile workshops. 

This in-depth work enriches the final narratives in the installation as the soundscape shares voices from residents in Leicester and Portsmouth with Audio Producer Dimple Patel capturing and editing conversations with participants about the theme of light before a bespoke soundscape was created by Music Works and composer Julian Bayliss.

Outreach work will continue and efforts will ensure the installation remains COVID secure, but for Squidsoup who were using digital technologies to create immersive experiences, this project has further allowed them to expand their experience of delivering community led projects and working with local community groups and artists.

Audiences in Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth will be able to enjoy an uplifting immersive experience between 15th – 24th October.