Over the last six months ArtReach has been working with Stevenage Borough Council, and a range of cultural partners and stakeholders, to create a 10 Year Arts and Heritage Strategy for a place that has the distinction of being the “First New Town”.

These are exciting times for Stevenage, as a major new regeneration programme moves forward, a project that will transform Stevenage over the next few years, whilst retaining and revitalising the stylish 1960’s heritage.

The new Strategy, Stevenage Re-Imagined, aims to make Stevenage a “Destination Creative Town”. Stevenage will aim to offer:

  • Flagship performing arts, museum and heritage facilities
  • An iconic public realm arts programme
  • Extensive creative industries spaces and hubs, including digital, to attract and develop talent and to support skills development and economic growth

The Strategy has highlighted the significant potential to build on an important public art tradition, a tradition that was initiated with an important sculpture trail (including work by Henry Moore) when Stevenage was first developed as a New Town.

ArtReach has completed consultation on the Strategy which is now going through the Stevenage Borough Council process for endorsement, supported by a considerable body of local enthusiasm and interest. Implementation will commence in April!