It’s easy to envisage a performer in a silver suit, moving awkwardly, on the high street with a cap on the floor and spray paint in their hair. That’s what most people assume when you mention a living statue. However, the marvellous Masca Theatre from Romania, brought by ArtReach, have recently completed their first ever UK tour and have wowed crowds across the nation with their mysterious and highly entertaining, living statue performances of ‘The Forgotten Crafts of Paris’.

From Winchester’s Hat Fair in Hampshire, the UK’s longest running street theatre festival, to Lincoln Castle’s ‘Castle of Legends’ weekend, and on to another two day of performances in Leicester Cathedral Gardens, the talented Romanians from Bucharest held audiences spellbound. The beautiful and intricate costumes, alongside the subtle humour, carefully balanced with historical accuracy, really hit the note.

A Fishmonger, a Washer Woman, a Rat Catcher, a Quilt Maker and a Lamp Lighter were just some of the curious characters available to see over this four leg tour. The Romanian Company also produced a special roaming “centennial” performance which celebrated 100 years since the unification of Romania. The tour itself culminated at our Night of Festivals London event on the South Bank during a hot weekend of carnival, performance, workshops and music.

We’re pleased to say that even in the heart of the capital’s cultural epicentre, Masca Theatre truly managed to stand out from the crowd. They drew audiences towards them with their intriguing balance of performance and moments of stillness and offered tourists or locals a taste of high quality performance skills rarely associated with this type of show.

Masca Theatre was established by Government Decision on May 24, 1990, and describes itself as a theatre of gesture, pantomime and bodily expression, being the only theatre of this kind in Romania. The company is led by internationally renowned actor-director Mihai Malaimare, and has revolutionised Romania’s professional theatre sector. Many thanks to the General Council of Bucharest, Romanian Cultural Institute and Arts Council England that all funded this UK tour Initiated and delivered by ArtReach.

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