Wissam Khodur, Executive Producer of Night of Festivals, tell us a bit more about himself and his new role at ArtReach in the fourth instalment of ‘Get to know ArtReach.’

Sum yourself up in three words…

Make Magic Happen.

What do you do at ArtReach?

I am the new executive producer of the Night of Festivals series of festivals in various parts of the UK.

Why did you want to be part of the ArtReach team?

I love the festival’s artistic component, and feel I can really put my stamp on the new upcoming events, and make some of that magic happen.

Your favourite thing to do…

I love nature, spiritual retreats, and music and can’t really choose between them!

Who’s your hero?

Theres a lovely lady at our office called Emily. She’s definitely my hero…for the day.

Best thing about Leicester?

It’s kind of like Las Vegas only better! I haven’t quite had the chance to explore enough of it yet, but I’m looking forward to.

Plans for the future…

Finish up what may possibly be my final full studio album and do lots of travelling.

Watch Wissam performing with Gorillaz live in Damascus here or listen to him on Spotify here.